Finding that best Pushchair
As a recent mother myself one of the hardest parts i found was finding the right pushchair to buy. It really turned out to be a difficult decision with all the options and different types of pushchairs out their, we were stunned about the amount of choice out there. I hope the below advice is helpful in choosing your first pushchair.

Quality of the Pushchair 

When looking for your first pushchair make sure you find one that looks sturdy and is made of good materials that will not break easily as you use the pushchair. You need to make sure the joints look good fixings so they don't break or come out easily. Another area of the pushchair to look at it the fabric as this i very important area of the whole pushchair. Check that this fabric material will be strong and hold the baby when in the pushchair. You will have the pushchair for sometime so make sure that this will last long and wont break after the first month!

Also an important area of the fabric is to make sure the fabric can easily be cleaned. When using your pushchair out and about it will get dirty so you need to make sure this gets cleaned and dirt comes off easily. So materials such as stainless steel or hardened fabric will be great materials to look for. Some pushchair providers also offer a guarantee with their pushchairs so look for this before buying.

Features of the Pushchair

When looking for your pushchair the features is one area where i instantly look as its what makes me want to get one over a different model based on what features it offers. I'm not really interested in the colors as this is more of a status than actually what the pushchair provides to me is much more important. One of the main features i look for is the shopping basket as i use this a lot when out with the little one. the basket should be designed so that when used they do not cause imbalance, hurt the baby if this caused pressure or make other areas dirty.  Another important feature is to make sure the hood is well ventilated in bright sun or hot sun.

Look at Pushchair Reviews 

After you find your perfect pushchair, it is always suggested to read reviews of the product just so you know any good points and bad points of the pushchairs. Read peoples experiences with the pushchairs as this is the best real advice anyone can give. If the reviewer gives a good indication that the product suited their needs then i recommend going for it and purchasing the pushchair there and then, and do not hesitate. I have spent hours and hours reading all the reviews of products before and eventually wasting time and going with the first item i saw!  Below is the pushchair that we purchased:

You could always ask colleges or friends and family to see where they bought their pushchair from and ask their opinion of their pushchair. Once you find one pushchair that you like, go ahead read the reviews and then purchase it as you will not be disappointed.

If you follow the above tips rest assured you will find your perfect pushchair!

Hope this helps find your perfect pushchair and enjoy your time with your little one as it goes so quick!

For further pushchair advice or helpful information see pushchair reviews as they offer honest and helpful advice for new parents.

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